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Community Support

We need you!

This is the next generation and without your support they will continue to fall into non-productive activities. We are looking for members of our community to sponsor our youth to have "their place".

Sponsor a Youth

We have many programs and opportunities for youth at the Lord's Gym. Those activities help young members of our community build uplifting relationships, be involved in healthy activities, and ultimately help the next generation become active and productive members of society.


We offer services to elementary thru high school youth at no cost to them. 


100 kids sponsored

If you want to sponsor a youth, or perhaps more than one you can contact the Lord's Gym Vancouver by phone at:


or by email at:,

or click the link below (the blue Google Docs icon):


If you just want to make a donation through PayPal, use the following donate button to do so. You are helping to offer bright futures to the next generation.

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